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No rest for the wicked

So I’ve been busy! This year I’ve really dug into a new hobby. Must learn all the fiber arts! I’m working on my drop spindle skills. I finished and dyed my first skein of yarn. I’m now working through my second batch of wool. I already have a later batch of wool for after that because it was beautiful and I couldn’t resist. Below is a bit of a snapshot of my new hobby growing. Maybe one day I’ll have dyed yarn for people to purchase. So many possibilities!

Turkish Drop spindle work

On the design front I have made a few new guys. All of which will be at the bout on March 30th. We have a Totoro kid, No Face, bats, and platypuses. There is more new things to come for that event. You will see my shop go in vacation mode soon so I can pump out as much as I can. Anything left afterwards will be available in my shop.

Bats, Platypus, No Face, and Totoros! Oh My!

As always, follow me on instagram @astitchintimedesigns and on Facebook for my latest creations and updates. <3

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Happy New Year!

2019 is here and I have so many design ideas. I plan to vend at three events this year. I’m already beginning a new design this week. My designs will be available as made-to-order going forward. This will allow for me to be able to balance my time crocheting with life/a full time job. Made-to-order generally will not take more than a week to fulfill. I will contact all that purchase at the time to give a shipping deadline.

I have opened commissions at this time. Feel free to contact me with any requests.

It’s going to be a busy year, but I look forward to make so many fuzzies for you all!

Jason Vorhees and a new glove design.
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Taking a breather

So I’ve been laying low for the holidays. So much work was done that I needed a break so I wouldn’t get burnt out. There were 6 poppets sold and gifted, 2 pairs of skull gloves, an octopus pin cushion and a set of poi. It was a fruitful season for me. I’m already making plans for the new year. It’s hard to not start now. I’m plotting 3 vending events for the year and lots of designs are popping in my head. You all make it so fun to create. Also plan to nurture my drop spindle skills. What are some of your 2019 plans?

Coraline, Wednesday, skull gloves, octopus pin cushion, mandrake root, Hel and poi.
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Cyber Monday!

So I’ve launched my first sale on here. Free shipping on purchases with the code cybermonday18. So make my day and deplete my stock please! 🙂

Krampus is making his debute in this sale. I have one finished and three almost done. The almost done ones are listed as made to order since there will be a delay.

Happy shopping and stay good or he’s making a stop before Santa does.

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New Website!

Welcome to my own website. It’s pretty exciting. After a lot of behind the scenes work went into this. I will now sell on my own. No more fees from other platforms.

Cyber Monday: On November 26 I will have a Cyber Monday sale. By then I will also have my merch left from the Gothic Arts Market up in the shop. I just need to do some photography.

Keep an eye on my Instagram to see who I’m making lately. It’s a poppet that can take care of those rotten children for you. 😉