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I’m the worst Blogger

It’s true. I constantly forget that this is a thing. I need to do this like every other week or something to look like a exist. I’ve never been good at consistently journaling or anything like that. I’m not much of a writer. I can definitely make stuff out of yarn though.

The New Year is here and we are almost on the third month. It’s really flying by and I don’t know how I feel about that. Next month I will be vending at CT Rollerderby’s Season Opener. Can’t wait. So many of my friends are rostered and have been working so hard to own that track. I can’t wait to see them skate hard and turn left.

For this event I’m currently finishing up a new design. I can’t post it till the inspirational friend receives her prototype in the mail. I’m trying hard to fill that table. So many ideas float in my head but not enough time to do it all. If I win the lottery I will crochet 24/7 for you guys.

Most of my commission slots are filling up for the year. Trying to be better at pacing myself so that I don’t go insane with vending prepping. Which brings me to shop vacation. With roller derby coming up I’ll be putting things on hold. It’s hard to make merch when made-to-order sales come in. Come see me at my table to snag what I’m currently making. <3

That’s it for now I guess. Maybe I’ll remember I have a blog before almost a year passes. Maybe…

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