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No rest for the wicked

So I’ve been busy! This year I’ve really dug into a new hobby. Must learn all the fiber arts! I’m working on my drop spindle skills. I finished and dyed my first skein of yarn. I’m now working through my second batch of wool. I already have a later batch of wool for after that because it was beautiful and I couldn’t resist. Below is a bit of a snapshot of my new hobby growing. Maybe one day I’ll have dyed yarn for people to purchase. So many possibilities!

Turkish Drop spindle work

On the design front I have made a few new guys. All of which will be at the bout on March 30th. We have a Totoro kid, No Face, bats, and platypuses. There is more new things to come for that event. You will see my shop go in vacation mode soon so I can pump out as much as I can. Anything left afterwards will be available in my shop.

Bats, Platypus, No Face, and Totoros! Oh My!

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