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Gothic Arts Market CT prep time!

The time has come for me to put a freeze on new commissions and made-to-order items. I am looking at a virtual CT Gothic Arts Market on November 7th and 8th so I need to hunker down and get some ideas made. I’ve got some really fun plans that will be worth the wait. I will be posting a lot of merch teasers and glimpses at current works in progress on my Instagram account that will be fun to see. Be sure to follow me there and on Facebook since it autoshares there. Please interact with posts since that is such a huge help to us hand crafters. Not everything I make will be revealed. I’d like to have some surprises. It may not be the packed in person event of the past couple of years, but we have a great crowd of vendors that you know and love! It will be a great time for some self indulgence and holiday prep. 🖤🖤🖤

You’ll see this table in 2021.